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Is a Wealthy Retirement Possible?

Whether you are retired or are planning for retirement, conventional pension plans don’t cut it anymore.

We are living longer, 20 to 30 years beyond retirement age.  Those fixed monthly pension payments no longer keep up with inflation.

Can we achieve a wealthy retirement income?



Hi, My name is Ken Hart, I am known in my blog posts and Facebook page as The Sage Grandad.

It is my mission as a retiree struggling to live on a small pension to help others. Those who are already pensioners and those wanting to ensure a secure, safe, long and wealthy retirement.

I am a pre Baby Boomer born in war torn Great Britain in 1943, much has changed in my lifetime.

Health is the most important thing to survive a long retirement, we all know these days that diet and exercise are crucial.

After health, wealth is the next most important issue we must consider for a carefree comfortable retirement.

In the UK we are all entitled to the old age pension (OAP) at 65, soon to be 67, assuming you have contributed for a given number of years.

As well as the OAP some of us have private pensions, others have company pensions.

The big issues with pension schemes are:-

  1. We are living into our 90s and with the constant devaluation of our currency.  Will the set payouts support us for 20 to 30 years following our retirement date?
  2. If you incur some kind of crisis during your working life such as accident, injury, illness or redundancy.  When you need that money invested in your pension the most, it is not available to you.

Should such unfortunate problems occur, it could be the case that you are unable to make further pension premium payments. This will result, as in my case, a much reduced private pension payout.

To ensure life after retirement, both health and wealth are important factors.

Is there an alternative to the 9 to 5 set income?

Is there any hope for those of us already retired?

How do we Achieve a Wealthy Retirement?



It doesn’t matter if you are fit and able bodied, disabled or incapacitated in any way.

If you can spare one to two hours a day, and able to use a computer, have an internet connection, you can re-educate yourselves, learn about income streams other than the 9 to 5 drudgery the world is your oyster.

Of course one has to be careful, there are scams out there, lots of shiny objects that will only make money for the vendor, leaving you high and dry.

My daughter and I have worked together for the last 19 years in 3 businesses, 2 of them bricks and mortar.  The most recent just over 3 years ago when my daughter started her family, at the same time as me having some serious illnesses.

We Learned to Future-Proof Ourselves.

My daughter wanted to have an income without leaving home, to be with her children.

She investigated online marketing and was with her first company for about a year and lost money, unfortunately the education was sadly lacking.

It was when she saw colleagues from the same organisation announcing great commissions, that she investigated. She is now with, another company that holds your hand, guides you through it’s boot camp with expert mentors with a supportive group of fellow members.

My daughter is now at the level where she has her own groups in social media that offer newcomers total support. Her website has a series of video tutorials, teaching members how to set up and use the tools necessary to run online businesses.

I joined my daughter in this business over a year ago as my health recovered, at first it was in a support mode, doing her accounts, then I started to take more interest in what she was doing.

An On-Line Marketing Revolution.

All of the education received in her affiliate marketing can also be applied to other affiliate businesses and the more traditional MLM (Multi Level Marketing) businesses.

Instead of always tapping into a warm market (friends and family), MLM products can now be promoted on a global scale, using the same techniques used in affiliate marketing.

As a result of this and new systems now available, marketing is a lot easier.

With the support and backing of your fellow marketers, you can take more than one product to market using just one platform.

A system that allows you to develop your own pages and follow up.

A system that is self-supporting as it is an affiliate system whereby you can earn from promoting it. The earnings you make, will pay for the system and finance the advertising of the other products you wish to promote with it.

An Introduction.

Before I move on to the good bits, I should introduce my daughter and mentor.

I am sure some of you know her. For those who don’t,

let me introduce the star of Facebook Live, the fabulous….. Karen known in Wealthy Affiliate as Dream-Hacker.

OK, What have I been talking about?

  • I mentioned a platform to help promote products to aid health and wealth, to enable a long health and wealth retirement.
  • Products on which we have done our due diligence and tested thoroughly.

We are not advising you to purchase here but to do your own due diligence, read testimonials. Check out web sites and only then if you are happy to go ahead and select something that truly resonates with you, that you would put your own name to.

We are always there for you to ask questions, advise you about any of these products and train you to use the tools to bring them to market.

Wealthy Affiliate – No Credit Card Required to Join.



Should you opt to join Wealthy Affiliate, you will then have the benefit of a fantastic online system to promote your products to a worldwide market. To start you off, join free of charge, no credit card necessary, Please click this highlighted link and if this is for you please feel free to sign up for fantastic training.

Having seen and tried the free training with Wealthy Affiliate and are impressed, you can sign up for premium membership for $49 per monthly.

Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate business with a built in commission structure, another income stream. If as a member you sign up two Premium members, your monthly fee is covered.

If you don’t have a website with facility to produce Blogs. This system teaches you step by step how to create a website and great content, develop SEO and on-line marketing skills.

Watch this Space.

My Vision

  • An automated central Platform
  • Education & Skills
  • Health Ehancement
  • Wealthy Retirement

My Mission, To Help You Towards a Wealthy Retirement.

As mentioned above, I wrote this blog for those of you who need help to provide a good living for their family. I want to help them save for their retirement. For those who are already pensioners, I want to ensure a secure, carefree, healthy and wealthy retirement.

Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Ken the Sage Grandad

Ken the Sage Grandad

I will be back with the answers on how to achieve a wealthy retirement.

Ken “The Sage Grandad”

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Ken the Sage Grandad


  1. You are absolutely right and a wealthy retirement is possible! I know it is working for me. I am not at the wealthy part yet, but slowly getting there. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a couple years now and will never look back. It has totally helped me get where I am today!

  2. I absolutely agree with everything you say Ken. So many retirees are struggling to make ends meet, causing even more unnecessary stress and that makes me not want to be in that situation when I am 65 years old. Luckily we have the internet and endless amounts of opportunities and I refuse to be someone who follows the 9-5 concept because I knew there was more and I went out and worked for it. I’m not going to struggle and money will never be an issue, not when I have the mindset I’ve got! Keep up the great work.

  3. Great information. I think an affiliate program is a great way for anyone getting older to earn extra money to help them when they are retired. The stress caused by worrying about finances can add to poor health. I think it is great you are addressing this to an audience that really needs some ideas for added income and to feel productive when they are no longer working a 9-5 job. Thanks for the information.

  4. This is an inspiring article, and would be really helpful to retiring and retired people. With the growing high medical costs and not much income for seniors and retired people, everyone needs to ensure a great retirement and any extra income will surely help! Thanks for the tips!

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