How Long Will My Retirement Income Last?

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How do you see your retirement

How Long Will My Retirement Income Last?

As a 74 year old, I have been retired for almost ten years since December 2008 until 2013 my daughter and I ran a portrait and wedding photograpy business. This was when she started her famliy and I became ill with ptostate cancer. Now I ask, How Long Will My Retirement Income Last?

My wife and I were living on my government pension plus proceeds from our photography business. It was when we had to halt the business. My wife and I struggled to survive on this meagre pension, of about £6,000 a year.

Due to advances in medical science and the realisation of healthy diet and exercise, we are now living 20 to 30 years in to our retirement. This begs the question, how long will my retirement income keep up with increasing prices?

With a retirement age of 65, soon to be extended to 67 in the UK, most pensions were based on a life expectancy of around 78 years.

The problem here is the fixed monthly payments we receive will no longer support us with the devaluation of our currency, due to rampant inflation.

Other issues I see with pension plans are that once you start to invest in them for what you might think is a secure future. You have no access to the funds until your appointed retirement age.

What happens if you become ill, are disabled or face redundancy before your retirement age?

Your investment when you may need it the most is tied up and will yield far less at retirement age because you are unable to make the premiums.

My Questions:-

  • Is a Wealthy Retirement Possible?
  • Have you invested in your Retirement?
  • Having invested, will the projected payout keep up with today’s rapid inflation?
  • If you haven’t invested, do you think you will survive on the UK government pension, currently £6,000 p.a?
  • So how do we achieve a wealthy retirement?

What’s the Answer?

  • No point in saving cash with low interest rates.
  • If we could invest in property, the value can suffer in a recession, supposing we can afford to purchase it.
  • I have personally experienced pensions with dire consequences for me due to redundancy.
  • Investments supported by the financial markets, we saw the mess that happened in the 2008 recession.
  • Own a business, people stop buying when the hard times hit.
  • In the future there will be no bank bailouts by governments, there will be bail in’s as happened in Cyprus 2013, banks will close and take a percentage of your account.

Can You Save Your hard Earned Cash Safely?

Can you save your hard-earned cash safely in the secure knowledge that, unlike cash, it will maintain its value for your lifetime and beyond?

If I told you that you can purchase 99.99% pure 24k GOLD by the gram on weekly or a monthly basis with the ability to stop and start your GOLD savings as your life or finances dictate. You are able to turn your GOLD back into cash very easily with a debit card attached to your GOLD account. Would you save GOLD?

So why do I think this is a marvelous investment opportunity?

  1. It is a means of successful saving for your future retirement.
  2. It is also an affiliate marketing opportunity.
  3. Imagine this, in Roman times, 1 ounce of GOLD would buy a man a complete suit of clothes. 1 ounce of GOLD has the same purchasing power today.
  4. In the 1950s, you could buy a new pickup truck for 30 ounces of GOLD, the same applies today. This illustrates the rapid decline in the value of paper money.
  5. Another illustration. Say over a period of 20 years you saved $300 per month, a total of $72,000, Purchasing power today $56,000.
  6. The same investment in GOLD would have the purchasing power today of $236,000.
How Long Will My Retirement Income Last?

30oz Gold


How Long Will My Retirement Income Last?

Gold Savings

I hope you are getting the picture.

Didn’t Know you Could Buy Gold Small Amounts!!

Until 2011, it was not possible to buy pure 24 carat gold in such small amounts unless you purchased jewelry made from lower grade gold i.e. less than 24 carats.

Let Me Introduce You To Katatbars

Here is a brief video to help explain, Why GOLD

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