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Carshalton PondsWelcome to my website, I am Ken, the Sage Grandad, a pre Baby Boomer born 1943 in war torn England.

Lived in Carshalton, Surrey from 1947 to 2004, a picturesque town just south of London. (See Photograph).

About the Sage Grandad.

My father arrived home on Christmas day 1942, having been severely wounded in the previous June in Libya, North Africa.

As you can imagine, life was tough those days, I was the eldest of 3 boys.

My schooling was brief, starting January 1949 and starting work in December 1958. I left school age 15 without a single qualification.

Always good with electro-mechanical things, I became a field service engineer in several fields, in 1978. The company I worked for, a large diverse firm in automotive and aerospace decided to close the scientific instrument division that I worked for.

Started My First Business 

I saw this as an amazing opportunity and in April 1978, I approached the management and asked if they had considered how the instruments they had sold would have continued service and support. They jumped at the chance for me to set up on my own to continue supporting their products in England and Wales.

My wife ran this business until 2007. In the mean time we had relocated from London with the intention of retiring. I started a wedding & portrait business with my daughter which we ran until 2013 when she started her family and I had a string of illnesses.

In 2015 following my cardiac surgery, my daughter had sacked her boss to start her on-line business to be at home with her two sons. During my recovery I helped her with her accounts and became very interested in internet marketing.

Will we Survive Our Retirement?

I had made a start when disaster struck September 2017. My wife fell down the stairs in our home sustaing a serious brain injury. She was given just a 3% chance of surviving and coming through without too many issues. We were told recovery could take 12 to 18 months.

I was her carer, she had to come first. In the following November of that year, I collapsed with blood clots in both lungs and both chambers of my heart and was hospitalised for 8 days until they had cleared the clots.

So it has been almost a year that I have not been able to get on with my business. I have been retired now for 10 years and unable to earn, my pension in that time had lost it’s purchasing power with inflation and life has become difficult.

This is why I am in this space, with encouragement from my daughter, Karen the Dream-Hacker #dreamhacker I am here to restart and improve our income so that we can enjoy our retirement. I want to help others do the same.

I Want To Help People Survive Retirement

Health and Wealth

If you have good health, which my wife and I now enjoy, as we go further in to our retirement years, we need to find another source of income so that we are able to enjoy our remaining years.

We want to help others, retired or not, prepare for their future.

What does your future hold?


How Do We Propose to have a better life?

I am currently doing due diligence on 2 products that will give us an income, both improving our health and wealth and will be posting blogs, writing articles in the hope we can help others from falling into the poverty trap during retirement.

Watch this space.

With kind regards,

Ken Hart


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Ken the Sage Grandad

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